Sunday, June 22, 2008


The Summer Solstice has just passed, marking the first day of summer. I think its interesting how important the Soltices are in human history. Nearly every civilization has built calendars, festivals, temples or monuments that mark Solstice events. (A solstice marks either the longest or shortest day of the year, typically June 20 or 21st and Dec. 21st or 22nd, respecively). Entire religions were developed around Soltices. Wars were planned and fought to match their timing. Some of the greatest engineering feats in history were accomplished to mark Soltice events (Stone Henge, Pyramids, etc.). The importance of knowing where you were in time was worth more than just about anything else back then.

Today, in our computerized, mechanized world we hardly even notice events like a Solstice. If we need more light, we just flick on a desk lamp and keep reading. We have atomic clocks that are accurate to a billionth of a second per year that keep our computers and even wrist watches on time with amazing accuracy. We can jet across time zones with blistering speed and literally land in a foreign country the day before we took off originally! Solstices are just curioisities to us now. Nothing to write home about, really. Certainly nothing worth planning your next Pyramid building project around!

Yet these events do affect us more than we might realize. The entire rythm of the earth is marked by the solstices. The delicate tilt of the earth's axis causes them, and because of that we have the seasons. Nature is tuned to that rythm. The weather we experience, the winds, the oceans - all of nature pulses to it. Our bodies are also tuned to that beat. And through it, all living things are interconnected - from humans down to microbes, we all feel the rythm. We all respond to it.

So this summer, as you watch a sunset, discover a bird building a nest, hear children spashing in a pool, or swat away a pesky mosquito; remember the Solstice, and what it represents. A loving God set this blue globe spinning, filled it with life, and gave it to all of us to share. He composed the music we all dance to. He set the beat. Enjoy it in its fullness and glory during this Season of the Sun!

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