Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Freudian Slips

After posting about my Bishop last week it got me thinking about experiences with Bishops - good and bad - over the years. In general I've had good Bishops. My first Bishop was an amazing young man who sacrificed seemingly everything to get us a Chapel to meet in. This is back in the day you had to earn most of the construction money locally. He drove 1600 miles to SLC in his broken-down Plymouth station wagon to petition the Brethren about a building, and I think he did that about six times! Such devotion! He was great with the youth, too. Really participated.

Another favorite Bishop had like 10 kids and was really dynamic, and I remember his wife being just as dynamic as he was. He was the Bishop four separate times I think - almost like a permanent calling. Cool guy. He's now a Patriarch.

Most of the others have been average men, average Bishops - nothing to write home about. A couple were negative experiences (saving that for another post).

The last three Bishops, however, have been the most exceptional of all. All three of them have become dear friends. The first is now my Stake President, and we have had business dealings together. I'm very close to his family, and we hang out together whenever we can.  The second is the Bishop I came out to a few years ago, and we reamin close. His kids work on my mini-farm and we get together every Christmas. Probably the most patient man I have ever met in my life. Then there's the current Bishop who I described previously. He's without a doubt the most open minded and fun-loving of the lot. Just delightful to be around. I can be very frank with him about how I'm feeling, on any subject. We use "dude-speak" with each other, and even have silly names for each other. I call him 'Homie", and he usually calls me 'MoHomie"! Yea, this is my Bish!!

So one day I call up the Bish and he happens to be driving in the car with his family. I say enthusiastically, "Hey, dude! What you up to?" and his reply back was, "Hey there HOMO!" Yep, the old Freudian slip! Not 'Homie', not 'MoHomie', it was the dreaded 'HOMO!' I knew he knew it instantly, and he stammered and choked a second and then said, "I mean Homie, Homie!!" Well, I just had to start laughing! And laughing!! And I couldn't stop laughing! It was so funny and his reaction was so - maybe futile is the only word. He just called me a HOMO in front of his whole family! It was priceless.

Now I fully believe we need to have a sense of humor in this life in order to make it through with any semblence of sanity. And I think you can find humor in just about anything. I think God himself must have a great sense of humor to put up with all of us, but that's another subject. Anyway, I try to laugh at myself as often as I can, and hopefully surround myself with friends who can laugh along with me. If one of them is the Bish, then that's a real bonus. Life is so much better when we laugh!


Joned Rahadian said...

Your Bish must have shocked himself for calling you that. A funny story anyway... Ahahaha...


Neal said...

As funny as it was, a few moments later I realized he may have just "outed" me to his wife (his kids are too young to understand). Fortunately his wife wasn't really paying attention and remains clueless as to who it was on the phone. :)