Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Make the Yuletide GAY!

Did you ever see that episode of Will and Grace where Will turns the spare bedroom into a "gift-wrap room"? Well, I'm almost that bad folks!  I love love love the Holidays, and I realized this year I how truly GAY I am when it comes to decorating, present wrapping, shopping, baking, Christmas cards -all of it!! I turn from the guy who does excavation work with a Bobcat in his spare time into something else -  like a Martha Stewart with testicles - seriously! I have closets full of Christmas decorations which are all put up the day after Thanksgiving. My house smells like Christmas from the minute the Thanksgiving dishes are put in the dish washer. I have a list of all the items I'm going to bake this year and have already bought the ingredients. I bought all the Christmas-themed home decorating magazines the minute they hit the shelves, and I did ALL my Christmas shopping before Black Friday. Mainly so I could shop for ME on Black Friday!! How gay is that? If anyone ever suspected I was gay, one trip to my house at Christmas time would leave no doubt in their mind. No doubt!! :)

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