Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Memories of Motoko

Although I served a mission in the States, I was blessed to serve in an area where I had the opportunity to meet many investigators from countries around the world. My favorite investigator was a Japanese college student named Motoko. Motoko was from northern Japan, and spoke very broken english. We had to have an interpreter help with the discussions because it was difficult at times for her to fully grasp the concepts we were teaching. Still, she made progress and eventually was baptized. I remember being impressed with her gentleness and intelligence, and her extremely respectful nature towards everyone else arround her.

Years later, while attending the 'Y', I saw Motoko again. It was a happy reunion, though brief. I was just coming in for the semester, and she was leaving - returning to Japan for good. I corresponded with her once after that, but we lost touch as so often happens when you're young and being crushed by the schedule of a full semester.

Recent events in Japan have resurrected memories of Motoko. I wonder if she and her family were involved in the tragedy, and I pray that they are OK. So many Japanese people aren't right now, and they need our faith, prayers, and support.

Motoko, wherever you are, I hope this finds you well. My faith is stonger, and my life is richer because our paths crossed so many years ago...

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