Friday, June 8, 2012

Pathological Prudishness

The Salt Lake Tribune posted an article pointing out that the ENSIGN magazine recently published a heavily Photoshopped version of Carl Bloch's 'The Ressurection". They removed the wings of the angels and altered their clothing to be 'temple appropriate' (those bare shoulders are SO enticing, aren't they?) See the photos below of the original compared to the altered version. This is pathological, folks. Sick. Disgusting. In the poorest of taste.

If they feel compelled to do this, then they need to alter all of Arnold Friberg's Book of Mormon illustrations that show bare-chested, muscle bound warriors and prophets. Those pictures are practically gay porn!

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emerdean said...

Did you notice that Christ was left with a halo in the "revised" painting? I wonder how that got past the censors?

It is an odd form of patronizing, I think, as well as a sad example of poor taste.

Now - about those WOMEN in the Book of Mormon paintings... I would hate to have met one of them in a dark alley in Zarahemla!