Saturday, July 21, 2012

THE Games!

I absoutely LOVE the Olympics! I will be glued to the TV the entire time. My favorite venues are Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Rowing, Wrestling, and Basketball. Let the games begin!!!


Duck said...

I'm also excited for the Olympics. When Ashton Eaton set the decathalon world record during the Olympic trials, you could have heard me yelling a state away. I would LOVE to see him set another world record during the Olympics.

Duck said...

P.S. I've been hesitant to watch the men's diving since Gregg Louganis hit his head on the diving board- ouch. In many ways. His subsequent coming out because of that was also painful to watch.

Neal said...

Duck, that head-smack by Louganis was really tough to watch. In fact, I think I avoided watching the diving the next time around too, just because I didn't want to see that happen again. Gave me the willies!

Neal said...

So far, the games have ROCKED, and I'm lovin' every minute of it! I loved the diving (the Chinese are amazing!), the women's volleball, the swimming, and especially the womens gymnastics. Go US Fab 5 - winner of the gold!!!

Duck said...

I agree- women's gymnastics were THE best. Wow- cannot get over that vault by Maroney. And, Gabby, on the uneven bars? They are just babies, but, Olympic babies! :)

I was also glad to see Michael Phelps get his medals. Amazing to think he has been in the pool since he was 6 and an Olympian for 12 years. AND, that for the past 11 years, until yesterday, he won every 200-fly. Wow- I cannot even conceive of how much work it would take to win EVERY race for that many years.

These athletes are spectacular!

Duck said...

Another gold for women's gymnastics. Gabby rocks!!! Too bad Raisman lost the tie breaker to a bronze. Boo. :( (Hope I didn't spoil the results for you...)

Neal said...

That does rock!! I look at all the spoiler stuff myself, so no biggie. Doesn't take away from the excitement for me.

Neal said...

The women's swiming events were stunning today! I love it!

I also think the RSA swimmer Chad le Chos is a stunner! ;)

Duck said...

I agree with you about the swimming events yesterday: world record and gold for Missy, gold for Ledecky. (And, another gold for Michael Phelps. I kind of get the impression that you are not too impressed with him?) And, I liked Chad, too.

I do not know if NBC played the personal profile about Chad where you live, but they did here in Utah. I learned a lot about him. I admire his desire to be a good role model for the younger children.

I think SO many amazing things come out of the Olympics. Truly wonderful.

I have thought about you often as I have watched the Olympics- it has been fun having a "partner in crime" who shares my love of the Olympics. Thank you!

Happy weekend. :)

Neal said...

Hey 'partner'! Yes, this is fun!

I did not get to see the piece on Chad, but will look for it on the web.

Phelps is an amazing athlete - I guess I just don't connect to his personality.

More gold trickling in tonight... :)

Duck said...

LOVED the gold and world record by Franklin and the gals!

Britain's Jess Ennis' win as the Heptathalete was terrific. LOVE it when the athletes are overcome with emotion like that. I cannot even imagine ALL the hard work they have put into their sports.

When I was 12, I won a city record for a soft-ball throw. I thought I was on my way to the Olympics. ;) I loved to run, throw and jump, but alas, I never went that far with my athletics.

Happy night, Neal. Thank you for your great Olympic energy! Duck