Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gold Rush

Some of the Team USA gold captured this week across the pond. Go Olympians! Looking forward to another exciting week of THE Games!


Duck said...

Me, too. What are we going to watch when the Olympics are over?!! Four years of what?? ;)

Go Ashton Eaton in the decathalon.

And, like you said, GO OLYMPIANS! You rock!!

Duck said...

Usain- insane.

9.63?? 100 meters??

How is that even possible???

Neal said...

Some heartbreaks for the women's gymnastics team this week, but overall, the women are doing great! The soccer team was stunning, and beach volleyball almost couldn't get any more exciting! I think the Team USA women are really rockin' the house this time around! :)

Neal said...

The USA women continue to ROCK-THE-HOUSE!