Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gay in the BSA

I am gay, and I am a Boy Scout Leader. It happened not too long ago, actually. The Bishop called me into his office, and after a few pleasantries said he wanted to give me a calling. In Scouts. I reminded him that I was gay, and that the BSA does not like gay people in its ranks. He said, "Well, this is the Church first and foremost, and the Lord wants you to be a Scout Leader!". So I accepted the calling. Gladly.

Some may think me foolish for being involved with an organization that discriminates against the very kind of person I am, but I see it differently. To me, the boys I will be serving are the important part of this story - not an organization with discrimination issues. The boys need a robust program that will help them learn about life, service, and the wonders of nature. Scouting provides that in spades - its a great program! Besides, I can do a lot more to help turn things around if I'm inside the organization instead of outside. I feel the same way about the Church, which is one of the reasons I stay.

So if they want me to serve, even though I'm gay, I say OK! Just don't get in my way, because I will jump in with both feet and be the best damn Scout leader you ever saw!


Duck said...

I LOVE your enthusiasm! Those boys will be lucky to have you for a leader.

And, your post gave me an idea. Maybe the Church should start a new pr slogan. Instead of calling it "Mormon moment", they could call it "Why I stay", written by gay/and other, members of the church. I would LOVE to read and hear those!

Happy night!

Neal said...

Thank you Duck! I love your idea, by the way.

emerdean said...

I salute you, Neal!