Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tribute to Women

Women are awesome! As a gay man I may not be sexually attracted to them, but some of my dearest and most respected friends are women. My family is full of women I love! I have an amazing mother, fantastic sisters, beautiful nieces and great-nieces. Both of my grandmothers were incredible, wise, forward-thinking women (one of them owned a factory, even). The majority of my Primary, Sunday School and Seminary teachers have been women - so many devoted, wonderful, faithful people! Probably the greatest acts of service and kindness I've expereinced in this life have been rendered by women. I've rubbed shoulders with incredibly smart and talented women in the workplace, and in some instances they have been my boss. In fact, some of my best bosses were women. They are an essential component in any success I can claim in my career and as a person. I love, honor and admire the women in my life, and I would do anything for them!

So - in honor of the women I love and admire, here are a few links to sites around the Blogsphere specifically for you:

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