Saturday, November 7, 2015

Enough is Enough!

I cannot begin to express how disturbed I am over the new Church policy regarding Same-Sex couples and their children. I cannot sleep I am so disturbed. This grates at the very core of my Mormon soul! How can we deny the blessings of the Gospel to innocent children? Why is living in a home with two moms or two dads such a source of conflict? Is it worse than living in a home with drug-addict parents? Would seeing that example cause "conflicts" between what is taught or demonstrated in the home and what is taught at Church? Why don't we deny baptism to those kids? Or kids from divorced families? Under this new policy, a child living with a dad who is an ax murderer can get baptized, but GOD FORBID if a child is living with gay parents! I am totally disgusted right now! Totally! This new policy is even worse than this one:

I feel like this is a backlash - a retrenchment of sorts - to the recent SCOTUS ruling. It is a continuation of the heinous polices of "annotating" membership records of gays and of the outright ostracizing of transgender folk. This does nothing but divide, alienate, and punish. Is that REALLY what Jesus would do??

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Sobering Anniversary

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth mentioning. 34 years ago today the New York Times published the first article describing a peculiar form of cancer that seemed to be affecting homosexual men. The response (or actually lack of response) by officials would allow the virus later to be called AIDS to take the lives of millions around the world. I remember hearing sermons that called it a 'just reward' for queers, and 'the hand of God' smiting the wicked. Five years later my dear friend's son - a hemophiliac - died of AIDS, leaving a wife and 5 children alone and without support. We must never forget the bigotry of those times that led public officials to basically ignore a public health epidemic! We are all in the same ship.

Rare cancer seen in homosexuals

Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's Not About That!

The Deseret News just published an article wherein it calls the recent attack and murder of innocent African-Americans in Charleston, SC an attack on 'Religious Liberty'. This is an EPIC FAIL on the part of DN! Let's call hatred, racism and murder what it really is - hatred, racism and murder! Not your pet political topic of the day...