Friday, July 3, 2015

A Sobering Anniversary

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth mentioning. 34 years ago today the New York Times published the first article describing a peculiar form of cancer that seemed to be affecting homosexual men. The response (or actually lack of response) by officials would allow the virus later to be called AIDS to take the lives of millions around the world. I remember hearing sermons that called it a 'just reward' for queers, and 'the hand of God' smiting the wicked. Five years later my dear friend's son - a hemophiliac - died of AIDS, leaving a wife and 5 children alone and without support. We must never forget the bigotry of those times that led public officials to basically ignore a public health epidemic! We are all in the same ship.

Rare cancer seen in homosexuals

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gaymobro said...

I too lost a friend to AIDS, a side effect from a transfusion treating his hemophilia. It's sad that when he started life hemophilia was a condition that he had to live with; by the time he got to high school it was a condition that could kill him.